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You will be warned now that I don't hold my tongue on these sorts of topics and if you are easily offended, upset or just don't care for these kind of posts about politics, please refrain from reading further.

Alright, so let's get to the point of this whole post.

I don't fully agree with everything Donald Trump has said or supposedly done but I will say this. I'd rather have a sexist, racist jerk as president than an actual federal criminal. Yet alone the fact of the Clintons have been doing this for far too long. It's time for new people to come out and give it a try. This goes for Hillary's daughter to, just stay out of it and stop trying to carry on the Clinton "legacy" because it's not going to work. We don't want more corruption and this is obvious. Also, on topic of the election, my bet is anything for the popular vote which got through for Clinton above Trump's numbers are numbers which were either frauds, dead people or illegals shipped into the lower states.

Now moving onto where we are today. There's rioting and protests in the major cities across the US which was organized by a billionaire that is salty as hell about Hillary not getting in. These people were paid, provided with materials and told to march in the streets, cause chaos and to break the law. These people and the organizers should be arrested and charged to the full extent of the law for what they are doing. Sure peaceful protest is allowed but when it turns violent and unlawful, this is where the problems start. For those dems and others who were agreeing with them or apart of this, please stops, your woman lost and this is only weakening your chances at winning the next time you get the chance to run for POTUS.

I am glad we have Trump, though I would of prefered that we had Ben Carson instead. Let me make this clear, I'm not a republican nor democrat. I'm an independent, pansexual, gender neutral woman who is socially progressive but embrace the conservative economic, war, security, education and many other top priorities. I believe in the right to bare arms, I believe in the freedom of speech and I believe in the American way of life. Speak your mind, try and go for your dream goals, try to make your life great while being yourself. The freedom to be what you truly identify as without the fear of death, imprisonment or social ridicule. We live in a great time and it really is time that we get back on this track. Under recent democratic leadership, racial divides, social divides and other sorts of divides with other countries have happened. We cannot allow it to continue, we must embrace that idea of "Make America great again" slogan which Trump has given us and actually act upon it. Only through coming together as a country and getting over the fact that the welfare programs are going to end or change, getting over that we have someone who isn't a politician in the highest office in the country if not the world if we play our cards right again!

If you disagree with what I say, that's fine, we all have our opinions but this is what we must do if we really want to be whole again as a people. Black, Asian, White, Indian, Native American or otherwise. We've got to look past our differences and do what is right. Thanks for reading my take on things here and I do hope for the safety of those caught in the middle of the madness. Everyone keep on your toes and remember, nothing is as it seems. Take anything and everything you see or hear with a grain of salt. It keeps us sane to question. This goes for even anything Trump says or does. He is a wild card and we'll never know what is coming next.

Vic signing out.
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